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Pigments for permanent make-up of lips

Lips Line Romance

Pigment for permanent makeup pastel roses in a cool tone.
Pigments for permanent make-up of lips

Lips Line Bolero

Pigment for permanent make-up of lips in a shade of raspberry red.
Pigments for permanent make-up of lips

Lips Line Skimia

Pigment for permanent make-up of lips in a shade of warm brown.
Pigments for permanent make-up of lips

Lips Line Camelia

Pigment for permanent makeup pastel pink in a peach shade.




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Permanent make-up pigments – Hanami pigments

Hanami Pigments are permanent make-up dyes of the highest quality, produced using the innovative and patented NOVOXX® technology. Thanks to the technologies used, the Hanami permanent make-up pigments are durable, stable and richly pigmented – that makes them special among many pigments available on the market. It all makes the permanent make-up dyes we offer products recommended by many experts from the industry.

Expressive permanent make-up – dyes in unique colours

 Our permanent make-up pigments guarantee a beautiful and lasting effect. They will gently accentuate the brows, eyelids or lips – without any exaggerated effects. It’s all possible because of the deep and highly saturated colours. The colours of the Hanami dyes had been carefully selected, refined and thoroughly checked by many experts. We’ve created the best colours that allow us to achieve perfect effects of pigmentations after healing. Each of the Hanami permanent make-up inks is not only durable, but also intense – providing the desired, beautiful effect.

Hanami permanent make-up dyes – innovative and completely safe for the human body

The innovative NOVOXX® technology used to produce Hanami pigments is in 100% biocompatible with the human body, thanks to which allergic reaction are excluded almost completely and the dye is not perceived by the body as a foreign object – and not rejected.

Each permanent make-up ink created using NOVOXX® technology stabilizes the microbiological purity and through a combination of mineral substances it has anti-inflammatory properties and a positive impact to healing. Furthermore, NOVOXX® has antioxidant properties, which makes the pigmentation more stable and durable after healing and excludes the necessity of making multiple make-up corrections to achieve the desired result.

Every Hanami permanent make-up dye is free from substances that could cause undesirable effects, such as allergic irritations. That is one of many things that make the Hanami pigments better than most of PMU products available on the market.

NOVOXX® enables every linergist to create a completely safe permanent make-up. Our innovative permanent make-up dyes had been thoroughly tested, and the lack of negative impact to skin is confirmed. Moreover, our permanent make-up pigments do not disrupt magnetic resonance – as many available on the market products containing iron oxides do.

Using NOVOXX® in Hanami Pigments dyes enabled replacing part of the pigments (colorants) used to produce the ink itself, which led to an increase of the lumination by the additional reflective surfaces.

Permanent make-up pigments – Hanami store

Hanami Pigments has a rich offer of permanent make-up inks dedicated to use on different parts of the body.

  • Eyebrows permanent make-up pigments – PMU & Hair Stroke Line is a series of dyes dedicated to machine eyebrows pigmentations.
  • Lips permanent make-up pigments – Lips Line series consists of richly pigmented inks, which guarantee various effects on the lips (aquarelle, lip gloss, lipstick).
  • Eyelids pigments – Eyeliner Line has inks that accentuate eyes and give them an extraordinary character – delicate or expressive.
  • Scalp pigments – a series that lets you replicate hair in the most realistic and natural way. Thanks to them the final effect is deceptively similar to the real hair.
  • Microblading pigments – eyebrows permanent make-up inks dedicated to microblading and other manual techniques.
  • Pigments for medical pigmentation – Areola Line is a series of inks dedicated to medical pigmentations of the nipples or areola. Thanks to their colours they guarantee a completely natural effect. Our pigments guarantee regaining a realistic look of the breasts after healing.

Hanami® Pigments also offer professional permanent make-up devicescartridges and other accessories.

Hanami permanent make-up pigments – produced in compliance with all standards

Hanami is well aware that products such as permanent make-up pigments have to be produced in proper conditions. The production of Hanami Pigments takes place in German laboratory, in compliance with the highest standards of sterility (the same as in pharmaceutical factories). As a result, Hanami pigments meet all the required legal standards in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Europe (Directive ResAP 2008).

Permanent make-up dyes available at Hanami Pigments store are resistant to external factors. They do not contain ethyl alcohol or iron oxides, thanks to which the colour of the pigmentation is durable and does not change into an undesired red, pink or salmon.

Are you looking for modern, safe for health and durable permanent make-up pigments? If you are, then you’re in the right place – check our full offer and choose innovative products that have never been before! If you have any questions, please contact us – Hanami Pigments.

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