Pigments for medical pigmentation AREOLA

Areola medical pigmentation dyes from Hanami

Hanami is well aware of the importance of making a pigmentation on the body – especially when it comes to parts such as areola and nipples. That’s why we offer medical pigmentation dyes of the highest quality, innovative on the PMU specimens’ market. Our pigments are, first of all, completely safe for the body – they don’t cause inflammations. Pigmentations made using them heal very well. Areola medical pigmentation dyes are, in comparison to other specimens available on the market, free from ethyl alcohol. As a result, they don’t cause irritations, which is especially important in gentle treatments like these.

Areola medical pigmentation inks – the best effects

Pigments from the Areola Line are products created especially for areola medical pigmentation. The whole series is created to achieve the best and the most natural effects during the pigmentation and after healing – ones that are deceptively similar to the real areola. Thanks to the Hanami dyes it is possible to recreate every detail, which guarantees regaining the realistic look of the breasts.

Areola medical pigmentation dyes – a wide scale of colours

In our store you will find areola medical pigmentation pigments that ensure realistic results. It’s all possible thanks to the carefully chosen colours that give the areola and nipples fully natural colours. There are brighter (pinks) and darker (browns) versions available in the offer – you can mix them to achieve the most natural effect.

The producer has divided his products into two lines – Areola Red (R) and Areola Brown (B)

  • Areola 1R – base pigment for pink nipples, used mainly in the first stage of pigmentation. It’s used to draw the shape and to distribute the first layers of the pigment.
  • Areola 2R – pigment used mainly to intensify some places and to accentuate shadows. Used in the second stage of distributing the layers.
  • Areola 3R – the darkest pigment from Areola Red series. This product is used to enhance details such as glands, veins or kinks to achieve a three-dimensional effect. It can also be used to intensify layers.
  • Areola 2B – dedicated to amber and brown nipples. Base pigment in the scale of browns.
  • Areola 3B – used to work with subsequent layers of brown nipples. It enhances the colours.
  • Areola 4B – used mainly to accentuate details, shadows or kinks on the areola and nipple.

These pigments can be mixed to achieve spectacular pigmentation effects. Hanami Professional meets the linergists’ and pacients’ needs. It created “Areola Set Line” composed of six different, most frequently used for medical pigmentations pigments (2B, 3B, 4B, 1R, 2R, 3R). Red Rose Line is most frequently used in Northern Europe countries and Brown Line is the most common choice in the countries of southern Europe.

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