Permanent makeup cartridges

Permanent makeup cartridges

TIFI I 5R cartridge

Screw-in cartridge for TIFI/TIFI II

Permanent make-up cartridges – Hanami

In this category you’ll find professional permanent make-up cartridges that ensure a precise and safe work. They’re high quality components created to make the pigmentation of different parts of body soft and stable. Permanent make-up cartridges offered by Hanami are receiving positive opinions from experts who prize them for the precision and comfort of use.

Permanent make-up cartridges – the highest quality and safety

Permanent make-up cartridges presented on the Hanami website are certified accessories crafted out of high quality materials. They meet all European standards and are certified – their top class is confirmed. Permanent make-up cartridges are completely safe in use. Hanami permanent make-up cartridges have a carefully refined screw thread which makes the work stable.

Permanent make-up cartridge – separately or in a set

Professional permanent make-up cartridges are available on our website – you can buy them as single pieces, as well as in sets. Depending on your needs you will find cartridges with different needles, such as: 1R, 3R, 5R, 14F and needle mesotherapy cartridges in Hanami.

Cartridges are just a part of the rich Hanami offer. You will also find here other make-up pigments, such as and permanent make-up devices:

Be our guest and enjoy your shopping – Hanami store.

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