1. The warranty covers only devices purchased from HANAMI PROFESSIONAL or from a Hanami distributor with proof of purchase. Lack of proof of purchase deprives the user of the right to claim the warranty.

2. The warranty is valid only if the device is sent back to the Guarantor with a detailed description of the defect, the date of sale and the type of device, confirmed with a proof of purchase.

3. The buyer is obliged to deliver the complete equipment for repair with the attached power cord and USB cable, along with the documents. Otherwise, the complaint may not be accepted.

4. The advertised device should be delivered to the Guarantor in its original packaging or in a packaging that protects it against damage - if this condition is not met, the user is responsible for any (mechanical) damage to the device caused during transport.

5. The cost and risk of returning the advertised device to the Guarantor shall be borne by the Buyer. In the event of validity of a warranty claim, shipping costs will be reimbursed to the Purchaser.

6. Before returning the device to the Guarantor, the Buyer is obliged to contact the service of the online store at +48 500 264 956, or via e-mail, in order to agree on the form of shipment.

7. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of purchase of the device.

8. The warranty covers only defects resulting from structural irregularities of the device and defects resulting from the causes inherent in the device at the time of its purchase (manufacturing defects, technological defects).

9. The Guarantor, after examining the device and confirming the legitimacy of the warranty claims, provides the Buyer with a replacement device for the duration of the warranty repair. A replacement device is delivered to the Buyer at the expense of the Guarantor.

10. The buyer has the right to replace the device with a new one or to reimburse the amount paid for the price, if:

a) during the warranty period, the Guarantor performs three major repairs of the same element and this element still has defects that prevent the use of the device in accordance with with its intended purpose,

b) The Guarantor states in writing that it is not possible to remove a defect in the device, which makes it impossible to use it as intended.

11. In the event of replacement of the device with a new one, the Buyer is obliged to return the replaced device in a complete state and may be charged with the cost of missing or damaged elements of the replaced device, as well as the cost of their replacement.

12. During the warranty period, the only entity authorized to perform repairs and maintenance of the device is Gwarant - Hanami Professional Ireneusz Ścieszka or another entity authorized to provide the service indicated by him. The method of repair is determined by the Guarantor.

13. The warranty is void in its entirety by:

Hanami Professional Ireneusz Ścieszka

Al. Jana Pawła II 66

47-232 Kędzierzyn-Koźle

NIP: 6482099737, REG: 243670985

- Making any repairs and interventions in the device made by the Purchaser or third parties, not authorized by the Guarantor.

- Violation of seals or factory marks.

- Any damage to the device (mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, caused by flooding, etc.) caused by external.

14. Device defects revealed during the warranty period will be removed by the Guarantor within no more than 14 working days from the date of accepting the Device for repair.

15. If the repair requires the import of spare parts, the repair period is extended for the time necessary to obtain the spare parts.

16. If the Guarantor does not discover the existence of defects described in the content of the notification made by the Buyer or it is stated that the defect or damage is not covered by the warranty or arose for the reasons specified in point 4 or point 13, or the warranty has expired - the costs of transporting the device and performing repairs are covered in the entire Purchaser.

17. The warranty covers only the scope of defects indicated in point 8. The warranty does not cover in particular:

a) activities related to the maintenance of the device (cleaning, adjustment, replacement of elements subject to natural wear).

b) removal of defects and damage resulting from the use of the device contrary to its intended use or the recommendations of the operating manual.

c) damage and defects caused exclusively by the user, for reasons other than those indicated above;

18. The guarantor shall not be liable for any personal injury or material loss, or any special, incidental, incidental or consequential damages, caused in the course of use or resulting from the use of the device.

19. The guarantor is not obliged to pay the amount paid

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