Pigments for make-up of permamental eyelids

Pigments for make-up of permamental eyelids

Warm Black

Pigment for permanent makeup deep black.

Hanami permanent lines pigments

In this category you’ll find innovative eyelids permanent make-up dyes, which you can use separately or to complete eye make-up. First of all, working with our products is easy. They don’t cause any undesired side effects and pigmentations made using them heal very well. Our eyelids permanent make up dyes had been thoroughly tested – their quality and safety are confirmed. Hanami lines pigments are produced using a modern and innovative Novoxx® technology, which is fully biocompatible with the human body.

Eyelids permanent make-up dyes – to accentuate eyes and more

Hanami permanent eyelids pigments – as we’ve already mentioned – are products capable of giving various effects. Depending on what you need – you can gently accentuate eyes or create an expressive and exceptional make-up. What’s important is that you can freely mix each eyelids permanent make-up ink with others, in different colours, to create multi-colour pigmentations and achieve heavenly results.

Eyelids permanent make-up pigments – deep and intense colours

Each Hanami eyelids permanent make-up ink is created to accentuate eyes and give them an exceptional character. Thanks to the modern Novoxx® technology we’ve created very durable inks with high concentration of pigments, which guarantee deep and intense colours for a long time. Our rich offer enables every woman to find a dye for her. There are eyelids permanent make-up pigments in colours such as Warm Black (intense black), Grassy (bottle green), Lavender (lavender purple) or Navy (dark blue) available on the website.

The products are available in a set of three colours, 5 ml each, or separately – 10 ml each. Be our guest and look through our full offer – you will also find permanent make-up devices and other permanent make-up pigments, such as:

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