Hanami pigments for permanent makeup based on the novoxx technology

Hanami dyes are permanent make-up (PMU) dyes of the latest generation of colors based on shellac. Compared to traditional products, PMU is very innovative.

Working with these dyes is easy, pigmentations heal wonderfully, shine and stay saturated for a long time. Pigments are very fluid despite the high pigment concentration and are particularly suitable for fast-working linergists.

When producing PMU dyes, we use the latest technology and well-established standards:

Narrowband dispersion technology - better in the skin < / strong>

The optimal pigment particle size is 2 µm. Hanami pigments are based on "narrowband dispersion". Hanami colors have been optimized for the pigment particle size range from 0.5 µm to 5.0 µm and are almost completely constant in this narrow band. In this way, we achieved maximum pigment deposition in the skin and exceptionally high color saturation

Technology “novoxx ®

Novoxx® is a calcium-sodium technology patented by the German laboratory for PMU -phosphorus-silicate. Novoxx® is 100% biocompatible with the human body and is not perceived by the human body as a foreign body. Novoxx® replaces conventional preservatives and reliably kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Influences an antioxidant that protects the skin and pigment. The combination of minerals has an effect on wound healing and reduces itching during this process (according to the subjective opinion of many users). Compared to traditional preservatives, Novoxx® has the further advantage that it is stable and the ingredients used in the carcass do not degrade it, therefore no toxic or allergic cleavage products are formed.

Advanced skin sealing technology - more in the skin

ASS technology developed by a German laboratory, used in Hanami pigments relies on the optimal sealing of the ink injection sites and prevents excessive leakage of the pigment with the skin. with blood. In this way, more pigment remains in the pigmented areas from the very beginning of the pigmentation process.

High-performance pigment from European sources

The production of ultra-pure, high-performance pigments from European sources guarantees safety right from the start. Hanami pigments have excellent light fastness and a great color range.

Free of iron oxides

Iron oxides they turn red in the skin and are often high in nickel. The absence of iron oxides keeps the pigments stable in the skin and reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Safe with RM

Our dyes do not interfere with magnetic resonance like popular products containing in the composition of pigments iron oxides.

No ethyl alcohol

Ethyl alcohol, often used in dyes as a preservative, irritates the skin and burns in the wound. Our dyes do not contain alcohol, which means that the risk of irritation is lower than with most other dyes.

Safety thanks to AZO technology

AZO secure

Produced without the use of critical AZO dyes according to the European Resolution ResAP (2008) Hanami pigments cannot cleave carcinogenic aromatic amines, and each batch is tested for possible contamination that may occur during production or shipping. We do not rely solely on the manufacturer, but test each delivery at CTL Bielefeld.

Tested for the presence of heavy metals

In addition to the requirements of the Council of Europe, we also check the presence of heavy metals in accordance with the strict California regulations for tattoo dyes and PMU. We check 18 different parameters. The more allergies in our modern world, the more important it is to avoid heavy metals. Our dyes are among the best in the world.


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are carcinogenic and cannot be present in PMU dyes. We only use high-quality carbon black from a German manufacturer that guarantees no PAHs.

Free from Diethanolnitrosoamine (NDELA)

Diethanolnitrosoamine (NDELA ) has been classified as toxic in many tattoo dyes by Swiss authorities, which have set a limit of 35ppm. Our dyes are constantly tested for the presence of Diethanolnitrosoamine according to Swiss standards and comply with them.


Our dyes are mixed under vacuum, without air access, to avoid contamination. Due to legal requirements, the dyes are ultimately gamma sterilized.

No preservatives

More and more people are allergic to preservatives, so we don't use them.

Tested raw materials

We only use the highest quality, tested raw materials. We manage raw materials to conduct more tests in independent laboratories.

Cosmetic-pharmaceutical dispersion

Our dispersant, which we use to produce Hanami pigments, is made exclusively from cosmetic and pharmaceutical raw materials. We do not use cheap technical products to save costs.

Animal Tested

We reject animal testing.


Hanami dyes contain shellac and are therefore not vegan. All other dye ingredients are vegan.

IT- supported formulation and QS system

To ensure consistent quality and color fidelity, we use an IT composition and Quality Assurance system. QA). The production of our dyes is fully documented, from purchase, analysis and production to sale, and reaches almost the highest standards of the global pharmaceutical industry. We do our best to keep our dyes safe.

The composition of our dyes:


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