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Metal PEN for TIFI I

Metal handle for Hanami TIFI permanent make-up device.

Professional permanent make-up devices – Hanami store

Hanami store is a place where you’ll find not only exceptional PMU inks, but also specialized and modern permanent make-up devices. Thanks to these machines the work becomes nice, easy and safe. Professional permanent make-up equipment from Hanami is recommended for use in beauty salons and cosmetology clinics that price the quality of services and their safety.

Permanent make-up device – top-class equipment

Hanami permanent make-up devices are ones of an exceptional durability and quality. It’s all thanks to high-quality materials and subassemblies which guarantee the highest efficiency of work. This solution makes the Hanami permanent make-up equipment resistant to everyday use and able to serve reliably for many years.

Permanent make-up device – nice and easy work

Hanami is a company that knows perfectly well the specifics of working in cosmetology salons and is aware that the permanent make-up device must first of all be precise and easy to use. Therefore, the store’s website includes modern equipment designed to bring comfort. Each permanent make-up device available in our offer impresses not only with its durability, but also with high comfort of use, which is built by functions and components such as:

  • silent working mode,
  • clear, touch display,
  • non-heating and stable handle (resistant to vibrations),
  • possibility to work on a built-in rechargeable battery,
  • possibility to manually set the needle speed mode.

Permanent make-up equipment – wide scale of possibilities

Each permanent make-up device from Hanami is a machine with great possibilities. There are devices with main panels containing different functions customized for each PMU treatment available on the website. In our offer you’ll find Hanami TIFI II Generation permanent make-up device with the possibility to choose to work with a cartridge or acupuncture handle. The device has such programmed functions as:

  • lips pigmentation,
  • eyelids pigmentation,
  • eyebrows pigmentation,
  • small tattoo.

Furthermore, the permanent make-up device has additional functions, such as built-in multimedia files player (photos, videos or music).

Permanent make-up device – friendly price

Hanami permanent make-up device is available at a favorable price. We try to offer devices at prices that will please every client. In our assortment there’s e.g. permanent make-up device at the price of about 3000 PLN, which is a very affordable and competitive amount, considering the device’s modern functions and efficiency.
Permanent make-up devices are just a part of our offer. Familiarize yourself with the full assortment, which includes modern and safe for the body permanent make-up inks. The offer also includes e.g.:

Be our guest – Hanami store.

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