Elaine Campin

Official UK distributor of the Hanami brand.
To the make-up industry she moved from hairdressing and make-up, which she initially dealt with after the birth of her daughter. Thanks to this, many opportunities appeared in her life. Every day she has the opportunity to work on beautiful faces. She is developing her career, which is her passion and which gives her determination in development. Elaine was fortunate enough to study with some of the best artists in the world, and the thought that now her own work is globally recognized is stunning. Motivation comes from within. He is an enthusiast who wants to know all the secrets, causes and goals of everything he does; is constantly critical of his work to develop. The trip to Australia to show and teach one of her signature THE PERFECT BROW ™ ️ techniques was by far her greatest achievement and the most imprinted memory ever. Her advice to any beginner in the industry is to master one thing at a time and remember that you can only be as good as the skin you work on. Manage your clients' expectations - we are artists, not magicians. Looking ahead with lots of plans and anticipating exciting events, she would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being part of her journey and for the support so far. When she's not working, she can usually be found in stables with her husband and daughter, horses and dogs, in galoshes, muddy ... in a space completely different from the glittering world of permanent makeup.


Riggend Healey Ridingmill
NE44 6BE Northumberland
United Kingdom
+ 44 07714127566

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