Hanami Pigments



 Hanami® Pigments are a top-quality dyes for permament make-up, which have been created by using an innovative and patented NOVOXX TECHNOLOGY. Thanks to this technology, Hanami® pigments are durable, stable and heavily pigmented, what distinguishes them from many pigments, available on the market. The colours of Hanami® dyes have been selected, refined and carefully checked by many specialists. We have created the best colors by which we obtain an excellent effects of pigmentation after healing.

The innovative NOVOXX® TECHNOLOGY used in Hanami Pigments is 100% biocompatible with our body, what virtually excludes any allergic reactions and causes that our body doesn’t fight with a dye as if it would be some strange substance, trying to discard the dye outside the skin. Novoxx® stabilizes microbial purity and, by combining mineral substances, acts anti-inflammatory and helps the process of pigmentation’s healing. In addition, NOVOXX® acts antioxidantally what prolongs the viability of pigments in the skin, thereby making pigmentation more stable and durable after healing, eliminating the need for multiple make-up adjustments to achieve the desired effect. The use of NOVOXX® in Hanami Pigments’ dyes helped to replace some of the pigments (colours) used to produce the dye itself, what increased the luminance of the colors with additional reflecting surfaces.

Hanami® Pigments are manufactured in a German laboratory that complies with the highest standards of sterility, as well as in pharmaceutical factories. As a result, Hanami® pigments meet all required legal standards in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Europe (ResAP 2008).

Hanami Pigments’ dyes are resistant to external influences. Its composition does not contain alcohol or iron oxides, so that the pigments do not turn into unwanted red, pink or salmon color.

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